© 2016 — Beth Mathews Design

© 2016 — Beth Mathews Design

A Warm Welcome 

The Mom Bag is for newly arrived refugee mothers and women. Each bag includes items that help provide dignity and self confidence to their already amazing selves and to help ease the transition of a new country and home.

The message is simple: You are welcomed and loved here. The bags will be distributed through the International Institute of Minnesota and Lutheran Social Services. 

The Mom Bag project was started by Beth Mathews in Nashville, TN.  Her creative talents, kind spirit and desire to love our neighbors have given us this platform to serve. Thank you, Beth!


If you'd like to contribute items (thank you!) → http://a.co/8DKjx9x
All items will ship directly to us from Amazon for packing in St. Paul.

Interested in packing the bags on Tuesday Evening, December 13 in St. Paul? Register below!

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